90day plan and the Farmington Model of Instruction which include;

       Level 1 Safe, Supportive and Collaborative Culture (including PLC’s, attendance, finance, behavior systems and celebrations)

       Establish a partnership between home and school (APTT, attendance, behavior, and academic systems, STEM, Tap, tutoring, PAC)

       Level 2 Effective Teaching in Every Classroom (differentiate based on student needs Tier I Instruction, Tier II, PD elements we are working on individual and school wide (behavior, reasoning, tracking)

       Level 3 Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (Following our MVE Snap Shot including FMI Elements established in green, working on in yellow)

       Level 4 Standards Referenced Reporting (Using our data driven instruction system to ensure academic success backward planning, weekly data meetings, data collection and next steps, mini action plans, action plans)